Tuesday, 13 April 2010

You Are What You Speak

Have you heard the proverb about the two frogs that fell into a deep pit?  Several other frogs saw them fall, and while observing the poor fellows trying to escape they began to shout at them saying, "You're wasting your time trying to get out - the pit is too deep - you're going to die in there!"  One of the frogs took the words to heart and died after several failed attempts at jumping out of the pit.  But the other frog kept trying to escape until finally he launched himself free.  The frogs who had been watching and shouting gathered around the survivor and ask him, "why did you keep jumping when we told you that you'd never get out?"  The exhausted frog looked confused.  "I'm deaf," he explained, "and I thought you were encouraging me to keep trying!"

Ah, the power of words.  I've been pondering this lately, for, as the book of Proverbs says, "There is death and life in the power of the tongue."  But our words don't only affect others, they affect us.  Simply put, words define who we are while subtly and surely shaping our lives.  You may never have entertained the thought that you are what you speak, so let me give you an example.

Many years ago when I was trying to get pregnant I made sure that I always said "when I have a baby..." instead of "if I have a baby..." because I figured that by saying "when" I was giving a clear message to the powers that be (God, the universe...whatever) that I fully intended to have a child (I just wasn't in control of the time frame).  Of course that wasn't the only thing I did to reach my goal, but in a powerful way I believe it shaped my future by constantly reinforcing my intention as, indeed, several years later and against all odds, I did manage to conceive naturally.

Once we understand that what we say has power, we can begin to play with it.  Here's another little story to illustrate the point... 
One day a woman found a dime on the ground and said to herself, "How can it get better than this?"  A block or two later she found a dollar and asked herself again, "How can it get better than this?"  She walked further still and found twenty dollars and again asked, "How can it get better than this?"  She arrived home and found a diamond bracelet in the gutter and said, "It can't get better than this!"  And, indeed, it didn't.
I don't know if it's a true story or not, but I love the concept - it ties in nicely to my own habit of saying not "if" but "when."   Can you see how an open-ended question throws the door open for anything to happen while a statement slams it shut? What if we live our lives and choose our words in such a way that invites miracles rather than putting limits on what life serves up? 

I am excited by the possibilities and will be choosing my words carefully.  How can it get better than this?  I can't wait to find out.


  1. If only it was that simple! But I like the idea. :)

  2. "Can you see how an open-ended question throws the door open for anything to happen while a statement slams it shut?" Yes I can! At the very least I think it makes a huge difference inside of our brains and how we can slam the door on or leave it open to possibilites with what we speak from our mouths and say inside our heads.

    Good post. Thanks

  3. You are too right, Ailey, thanks for bringing it up! I just read this in Conversations with God, Book 1:

    "For you are the creator of your reality, and life can show up no other way for you than that way in which you think it will. You think it into being. This is the first step in creation. God the Father is thought. Your thought is the parent which gives birth to all things."

    What you physically say originates as a thought. The sound of your voice literally gives the words (vibrations) life that move out and affect reality. "In the beginning was the word...and the word was good."

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  5. There's something to be said about getting something out in the open, that's for sure... by saying it out loud or writing it down even.

  6. I love that! I am going to start saying, "When I make more money", not "if". :) Great post to start the morning!

  7. I love this posting. I'm a great believer in positive thinking and believe in the strong impact of words. Words imply visions and visionary thinking realizes goals. Onwards and upwards!!! Karen

  8. I come directly from Scary Azeri's blog.
    My mom uses to say the same thing: what we say is very powerful. And I've always had that in mind. It's amazing I've just find someone who shares this thought.
    Saludos desde Lima.

  9. Gabriela, I wish I spoke Spanish and could read your blog too! It's wonderful to have a kindred spirit in Peru!

  10. And left handed too!
    I'll add you to my blog roll. You've got a new reader.