Friday, 18 February 2011

Love 55: Life's Perfect Score

I like to think that life (for want of a better term) is constantly communicating with “them who have ears to hear and eyes to see” through coincidences large and small.   Once you get used to this way of thinking, it’s amazing what you start to notice.  For example, you might have read my piece about the number 44 (See: May the 4’s be with you Nov ’09) and learned that for a long time I seemed to be surrounded by multiples of the number 4.  I decided these 4’s were a sign from the powers that be that I was on the right path in life.  But all things change and it seems my numbers have as well. 

Last summer it dawned on me that I was seeing fewer and fewer 44’s and more and more 55’s.  It started out on license plates – suddenly there were 55’s everywhere.  And when I say everywhere, I’m not joking:  If the car in front had a 55, there was a good chance that so did the car behind; looking up I’d notice that the car waiting to turn also had a 55, as did the bus that just passed; and driving down the block to my house I’d count four or five 55’s on my street.  Sometimes the frequency of 55’s was downright disconcerting.  (I have witnesses!) 

I honestly had no idea what theses numbers could possibly mean until one day the thought popped into my head – it’s not 55, it’s 50/50.  Five plus five equals one – a whole, complete one!  This was a thrilling revelation because it fit with the philosophical point of view that I was fascinated with that all things are part of an imperceptible yet perfect whole… it’s only our distorted perception that labels things and events “good” and “bad.”  (See:  Master Ugway and the Broken Leg of Life Jan ’10)

So, as I interpreted it, 55’s everywhere were reminding me that duality is an illusion and all is perfect.  Fantastic! That’s when the universe threw in another coincidence to cement this lesson – the letter L.  Now I was seeing licence plates with 55 and an L – everywhere!  What could it mean?  L for Listen?  L for Learn?  Then it hit me:  L for LOVE.  As Dr. Demartini (a modern day philosopher and teacher whom I greatly admire) says, “Between positively and negatively charged particles is a center point of LIGHT; and between positively and negatively charged emotions is a center point of LOVE. 

So that’s what all the fuss was about!  Love it ALL – the 50/50 – for it is ALL love.  My quest to embody this philosophy in my own life has been met each day with affirmations from the universe in the form of L55.  What’s beautiful about this little communication is that it seems to be just for me – a personal conversation between me God.  (And can you imagine what it takes behind the scenes to coordinate all these L55’s?  It’s simply Amazing.)

Now that I’ve “cracked the code” I wonder what little coincidences will catch my attention next?  Who knows?  It will be hard to top L55 in my book, but you can be sure that I’ve already got my ears and eyes wide open.  

(PS...I typed this on Word and, coincidentally, the finished document has 550 words.)